Providing you with the knowledge to identify poor lifestyle choices with the hopes of intervening before a child reaches a crisis

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Saving a child "piece by piece"

Communication between all invested stakeholders is essential to the development of children. Each of us possess a critical puzzle piece in identifying the complete picture of a teen. By assembling all of these pieces, we are able to better identify a child who may be struggling or who may fall victim to a crisis. These indicators are in front of us, but often so difficult to see until we know what to look for. As such, these poor lifestyle choices may be hidden right in front of us.

Hidden High and Hammered grew from the Mock Teen Room. Stash devices (Hidden) are shown to illustrate commonplace items meant to deceive and conceal. Marijuana and its associated paraphernalia (High) are exhibited to showcase THC in its current forms. Also included are vapes, vape paraphernalia, CBD products, and products/logos indicative of the drug culture. Alcohol products (Hammered) marketed toward younger demographics are presented. The demonstration culminates with a challenge to identify items in a game of "Booze or No Booze."

Working with teens has afforded me the opportunity to learn the products marketed toward kids. My goal is to educate parents, teachers, and concerned adults of the behavioral signs to look for and the products designed to encourage poor lifestyle choices.


Dr. Beth J. Sanborn

Dr. Beth Sanborn joined the Lower Gwynedd Police force in 1997, and currently serves as a Patrol Officer. In 2015, she assumed responsibility for all juvenile cases, earning her the rank of Juvenile Detective while she served as a School Resource Officer (SRO) until August 2022. Beth earned her Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Widener University in 1996. She later earned her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph's University in 2014, and her Doctoral Degree in Public Administration from West Chester University in 2019. Her Doctoral dissertation is entitled "School Resource Officers as Mentor/Counselors, Including Levels of Intervention." She actively volunteers with the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth and Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center.

Beth sits on the executive board for PASRO, the Pennsylvania Association of School Resource Officers, and is an instructor for NASRO, the National Association of School Resource Officers. She most recently was appointed to various committees at the International Center for Law Enforcement Studies.

In the Media

It takes a village to keep kids safe. I have been fortunate enough to have the support of multiple media outlets to help share this message with parents and the community. These clips, interviews with NBC10 Philadelphia's Katy Zachry and FOX 29 Philadelphia's Jason Martinez and Shiba Russell, highlight how we can all work together to understand and recognize a child in crisis. By working together with the goal of offering help, not focusing on the stigmas of mental health and substance abuse, we can ensure our kids have the resources available to succeed.

My efforts have also been featured on 93.3 WMMR on the Preston and Steve Show as well as on CBS Philly. Click here to view my other stories with NBC10 Philadephia.





"I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything out of this - but I'm stunned, incredible information"

Guidance Counselor

"Great presentation to listen in on, thank you so much on behalf of the School Board!"

School Board Member

"Wow, she's amazing! And funny, too!'"

Parent Attendee

"I learned more in this hour than anywhere else about what my kids might be getting into"

Parent Attendee

"It's so scary what these kids are exposed to"

Parent Attendee

"Eye opening! Thank you for working with our kids"

Parent Attendee

"I had no idea what to look for, I'm so glad I came"

Parent Attendee

"I feel much better equipped to know what to look for"

Social Services Provider

"This presentation just made me better able to help my families"

Social Services Provider

"I never realized how many of these indicators I was actually seeing"

School Nurse

"I may need to reach out to my son's guidance counselor after this"

Parent Attendee

"...I may have missed so much on home visits"

Social Services Provider

"My admin team needs to see this"

School Employee

"Great Presentation! And so funny!"


"This was a fantastic program!"

Parent Attendee

"We need you to share this with my department"

Social Services Provider

"I love what you do!"

Guardian Attendee

"...I wish my brother would have seen this program"

Parent Attendee


A Leader in Schools

I have spoken at a number of school districts about the importance of identifying poor lifestyle choices among students. By informing administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, school board members, and parents about changes to look for, we can help identify a child who may be in crisis. I talk about which invested stakeholders to include in the important conversations about our kids.



"Hidden High and Hammered was an incredibly informative presentation. Dr. Sanborn has a wealth of knowledge that she shared with staff, families, and our school community. The presentation was one of the most valuable offerings we provided our families! We will continue our engagement and look forward to Dr. Sanborn connecting with our school district community again."

-School District Superintendent


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